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2021 Bare Necessities Campaign

The Alan B and Joyce E McLean Fund

The Anniversary Fund

The Anonymous Fund

The Barbara and Don Ring Memorial Bursary Fund

The Belleisle Valley Health Centre Scholarship Fund

The Bill Gale Bursary Fund

The Board of Directors Fund

The Bob McVicar Saint John Heritage Conservation Fund

The Brian and Susan (Trafton) Moore Fund

The Brian Lund Memorial Fund

The C.N. Wilson Fund

The Carleton Kirk Lodge Fund

The Cenetary-Queen Square United Church Trust Fund

The CFUW-Saint John Scholarship Fund

The Charles F.W. Starkey Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Cheryl M.G. Robertson Bursary Fund

The Children’s Aid Fund

The Constable Doug Larche Memorial Bursary Fund

The Constable Royce Isenor Memorial Scholarship Fund