The Andrea and Heinz Schaerer Fund

In December of 2021, long-time residents of Rothesay, New Brunswick, Andrea Ellen Schaerer and Heinz George Schaerer established a permanent endowment fund with the Greater Saint John Community Foundation, The Andrea and Heinz Schaerer Fund.

Andrea and Heinz are dedicated and enthusiastic supporters of charitable causes and life-long education. They are extremely volunteer minded and take every opportunity they can to give back to their community.

The Andrea and Heinz Schaerer Fund will equally support the Nature Trust of New Brunswick Inc. and the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Saint John Inc.

The funds for the Nature Trust of New Brunswick will be used for the upkeep on the properties owned by the N.B. Nature Trust on Long Island, or for coastal clean-up projects.

‘We learned more about the N.B. Nature Trust through Andrea’s brother Jay Brown. We have also participated in coastal clean-ups along the Bay of Fundy and were impressed with the organization.’

Andrea and Heinz have been involved with the Boys and Girls Club for the past 33 years.  They recognize that there is a general need for operating funds for this organization and have directed their income from this fund to be used for this purpose.

Their hope is that in the near and long term, they can promote and provide awareness of both these important organizations. ‘We wanted to assist two organizations that we are committed to and wanted to assist in providing them funding so they can continue to do the great work that they offer.’

Heinz is the Acting Secretary on the Community Foundation’s board of Directors, where he has been serving since 2016. Himself and Andrea have been active with many organizations over the years and Heinz was impressed by the way the Foundation operates, and liked the business model that they operate under, which prompted him to wish for further involvement and led to his decision to join the board.

‘The Foundation is a good vehicle to look after the funds for the long term.  The Foundation has low administration fees so more funds go to the community projects we’ve chosen.  The ability to provide sustained allocation of funds to the various projects is well structured by protection of the principal investment’

Long-term we can be certain that the Boys and Girls Club along with the Nature Trust of New Brunswick Inc. won’t be forgetting Andrea or Heinz Schaerer’s dedication anytime soon since they will receive annual income from their fund forever.