The C.N. Wilson Fund

Charles N. Wilson was a pillar of the Saint John business community, a Freeman of Saint John, a role model for his children and family, and perhaps most importantly a philanthropist dedicated to bettering the Saint John community.

Throughout his life and career C.N. Wilson offered his advice, leadership and support to many businesses in the city. His reputation as a solid community member and supporter of various charities and community groups led to the establishment of The Wilson Foundation. This foundation was created to ensure that the work that Wilson was doing, albeit quietly, could continue on after his passing.

For years, The Wilson Foundation did just that – supporting groups and individuals in Saint John through donations as administered by the family-run fund.

However as the years passed, it became clear that a change in the administration of the fund would have to occur.

The Wilson family wanted to ensure that their father’s legacy of philanthropy would last in perpetuity, so in 2000 made the decision to transfer all funds to The Community Foundation and wind down their family-run foundation.

The endowed fund continues to meet the ever-evolving needs of the Greater Saint John community.