The Social Innovation Fund Projects Display

An impactful display of the Social Innovation Fund projects at the Community Foundation’s Annual General Meeting on May 5, 2022. Well done to all of you!

Established in 2018, The Social Innovation Fund represents a strategic partnership with the Province of New Brunswick to experiment, innovate and test new initiatives based on sound evidence to help end generational poverty in Saint John.

Social Innovation Fund Grantee Partners:

Anglophone School District, South:

• When Children Succeed

• Speech Language Pathologist

• Central Peninsula School Task Force

• Success in Schools (Harbour View High School)

BGC of Saint John Inc.:

• Self-Healing Communities: A Transformational Process Model for Improving Intergenerational Health & Social Outcomes (ACEs)

Kaleidoscope Social Impact (formerly Saint John Community Loan Fund):

• Scaling the NB Social Impact Fund

O.N.E. Change Inc. in partnership with Crescent Valley Resource Centre, P.U.L.S.E & Carleton Community Centre:

• Neighbourhood Developers

Rehabitat Inc.:

• Land Bank

Saint John Learning Exchange:

• Transition to Work

Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation Inc.:

• PCAP (Parent Child Assistance Program)

The TRC:

• Safety First

Women’s Empowerment Network:

• Bridge to a Brighter Future

• Working for Change (formerly Learn ‘N Go)

YMCA of Greater Saint John

• North End Early Childhood Hub