Why Donate to your Community Foundation?

Your community foundation plays a crucial role in helping people give back to their community in meaningful ways. We connect individuals, families and companies with causes that inspire them. We pool resources, knowledge and expertise, working with others for even greater impact. And we help you realize your philanthropic goals by matching their interests with community needs and finding innovative ways to make every donation count for the long term.

For Individuals:

You’re supporting your favourite causes in lots of ways. Volunteering, serving on boards, donating food and clothing, celebrating at events and purchasing products that support a cause are just a few of the ways you are making a difference in the lives of others. At the centre of your philanthropy is charitable giving. By working with us and setting up your own fund or supporting an existing fund, you can organize and maximize your financial support of charitable organizations.

For Families:

Have you found yourself thinking it’s time to get a little more focused with your giving? Do you want to involve your kids, or grand kids in your giving? Perhaps philanthropy is already an important part of your family’s traditions and values but you want to look for high-impact opportunities here in your community. Not only do you want to deepen those intergenerational connections, but you also are committed to leaving a legacy to your children, grandchildren, and community. You can do all of this through planning and tools to continue support of the causes you love. That’s exactly what we will help you do.

For Businesses:

As a local business leader, you know the importance of creating opportunities and working with your employees to create impact. That is why many companies choose to partner with us to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their charitable giving; we are up to date on current best practices to help your business direct donations and achieve impact.

We manage all financial, reporting and due diligence aspects with the charity on your behalf. You have the benefit of seeing your donation at work and achieving corporate recognition for your company’s philanthropy.

By establishing a corporate fund, you can work with us to organize, streamline requests and celebrate your company’s financial support of organizations that inspire you.

Tax Benefits

The Community Foundation is a registered charity. The government offers generous tax credits for donating to charity. For example, a gift of $100,000 may only cost you $53,650. Tax benefits may depend on your income. We recommend that you consult with your accountant and/or financial advisor(s) to ensure you receive the best tax treatment possible.

Tax benefits may also depend on the structure of your gift. You can donate almost any type of asset: cash, stocks, property structured as a trust, insurance policy, estate bequest etc.