The Stompin’ Tom Connors Fund

Saint John has long been a place where creative souls have found their inspiration. From actors and painters, to storytellers and musicians – Saint John has been home to some of our country’s greatest talents.

One of Saint John’s most famous native sons is Stompin’ Tom Connors. Connors’ songs built on experiences from his life in Saint John, his time living in PEI, and then his experiences hitchhiking across Canada at age 15.

Stompin’ Tom’s cross-Canada adventures and songs struck a chord with another Saint John native – Jason MacLean. A long-time Stompin’ Tom fan, MacLean felt a connection to the troubadour and wanted to honour how he overcame many challenges and obstacles in his life to go on and become a success across Canada.

The Stompin’ Tom Connors Fund was established in 2009, and provides support to children and single parents who are growing up, and living in, challenging socio-economic conditions.