The Gentle Path Judy Urquhart and Joyce Gregg Co-Founders Fund

Gentle Path Counselling Services is a social enterprise and registered charity that seeks to provide group and individual professional mental health services to everyone, regardless of their means to pay.

The agency started as a venture by two professionals who left their secure social work jobs in order to provide counselling and group mental health services to those ignored or disheartened by the lack of available resources in the Saint John region. Judy Urquhart  and Joyce Gregg established Gentle Path Counselling Services in 1988.

Joyce retired in 2001 and passed away on June 24, 2016 while Judy continued to serve as a counsellor and Executive Director of Gentle Path until 2020 and she died on October 5, 2021. The new fund is a lasting legacy and tribute to the co-founders.

Gentle Path wanted to create a permanent endowment fund to support the future of its operations and clients. They are proud of the work they do and are committed to offering Saint John, and all surrounding areas, a safe space to share, learn, and grow with hope and healing opportunities for everyone.