The Gaspar Memorial Animal Support Fund

Gaspar the rescue horse was my beloved “heart horse”. I wish to honor his memory by establishing a fund that will provide resources for groups who rescue domestic animals – dogs, cats, horses, chickens, cows, pigs, etc.

I would like the funds to be awarded to groups who will use the funds to rescue the animals from situations where they are neglected, starved, overworked, abused, etc. I would like the funds to be used to place these animals in lifelong homes where all their needs will be taken care of. Examples of how these funds can be used include: Vet bills to provide medications, surgeries, euthanasia; transporting the animals to their new homes and for Vet visits; food; blacksmithing; improving the housing for the animals (i.e., safe stalls, safe fencing, for animals owed by homeless individuals. etc.)

Background on Gasper:
From the time that I was a very young child I had begged my parents to buy me a horse. My parents would not, so I began to save money so that I could buy one on my own. After years of saving, I found out that there was a rescued horse that needed a home. The family who had owned him, divorced leaving the horse in the barn with no food, water, and no one to care for him. The horse had eaten a hole in the barn wall; a neighbourhood child noticed him. He was starved and very ill. With-out telling my parents I bought the horse and kept him at a friend’s barn.

Picking the right name for the horse was very important to me. During a Walt Disney episode I saw a wise old woman helping two young boys to name their dog by having them read through the Bible. So that is what I did. I opened the bible and started reading. There it was the perfect name. G A S P A R.

Gaspar was no ordinary horse. Even though he had been starved and neglected he had the most amazing personality. He was a character! When one was around Gaspar there was never a dull moment. He could let him self out of a paddock or barn by using his mouth to unlock latches and untie ropes.

Gaspar and I had many adventures together. Because I was a child who did not have much money, I would pay for his board by cleaning stalls and taking care of other horses. Through the years Gaspar and I found ourselves boarding in harness racing stables, jumping stables and endurance riding stables.

After many years of boarding Gaspar in other people’s barns, in 1998 my dream of bringing Gaspar home became a reality. After having owned Gaspar for 19 years, I brought him home to the barn that was build just for him. For the next 6 years, not a day went by that I didn’t feel blessed to be greeted by Gaspar’s whinny every morning when I opened the barn door.

In 2004 just as the morning light began to shine into Gaspar’s stall window, Gaspar once again moved on his journey. With his head safely resting on my lap, his body lying on the soft straw. In HIS stall in HIS barn, Gaspar left this world.

Since Gaspar’s death in 2004 I have rescued other horses, cats, dogs, even a rooster. Rescuing animals is so very rewarding but as I get older, I know that I will not be able to physically continue to do all of the labour-intensive work that is required to take care of animals that have been neglected, abused and starved.

In loving memory of my beloved “heart” horse Gaspar I would like to carry his spirit forward to work towards providing a brighter future for animals in need. I would like to honour his legacy by continuing to make a difference in the lives of animals who need it the most. For Gaspar who crossed the rainbow bridge in October of 2004 at the age of 29 years. There is no greater bond than between a horse and a loyal owner. There is no sorrow deeper than when they are parted. It is with the memory of our beautiful bond shared that I would like to start the Gaspar Memorial Animal Support Fund.

Some groups in our area that are currently rescuing animals include: Red Head Strays Helping Cats, Lakewood Cat Group, St. George Animal Shelter, Port City Emergency Vet Hospital. There are also numerous barns and individuals who rescue horses on their way to slaughter, who rescue pigs, goats, and other farm animals. Although I am listing some rescuer operations by name it is my wish that all groups/individuals applying for the funds are strictly investigated.

~Silvia Borsic