Social Innovation Fund

Background of the Social Innovation Fund

Established in 2018, The Social Innovation Fund represents a strategic partnership with the Province of New Brunswick to experiment, innovate and test new initiatives based on sound evidence to help end generational poverty in Saint John.

The Province has invested $8.5 million dollars in the Fund and the final intake for the remaining $1.5 million is now open.

Applications open: March 1st, 2021
Applications close: April 23rd, 2021

The purpose of the Social Innovation Fund is to:

  • Nurture new ideas that support the eradication of generational poverty;
  • Scale programs that are already working in our community; and
  • Co-create new policies, services and programs with government based on those results that achieve greater impact and a significant return on investment.

Application Process

To start the process, reach out to Harry Daley –

Stage 1: Idea Development & Validation

Community Foundation staff work with potential applicants to:

  1. Vet initial criteria;
  2. Ensure clear articulation of project goals and impacts; and
  3. Confirm lead partner/owner

Stage 2: Proposal Review & Selection

The selection committee evaluates proposals based on:

  1. Understanding and evaluation of proposed objectives, impacts and outcomes
  2. Interview with owner/project team
  3. Responses to requests for more Information or changes (if required)

The committee selects projects whose targets will contribute to ending generational poverty and recommends funding.

Stage 3: Execution

  • Project team finalizes an overall plan and implements proposed activities
  • Working with Community Foundation Staff, the project team captures learnings along the way of what is working, what is not, and changes need to be made

Stage 4: Review & Action

​​Community Foundation staff organizes regular reviews of learnings and results with project team. This includes project impacts and recommended next steps

  • Working collaboratively with the Project Team, Community Foundation staff engage community and Province to co-create new polices, services and programs to bring about transformational change


The deadline for the final intake is April 23, 2021.


Social Innovation Fund - Grant Eligibility

Projects will:

  • Create an intentional space for change makers with dedicated time and resources to try new ideas, innovate and learn;
  • Create environments where different organizations can work together differently to create transformative change, resulting in ending generational poverty;
  • Enhance the value of what is currently working well in our community (i.e. what can be replicated, expanded and grown);
  • Identify and eliminate key barriers to quality of life for families to increase security and prosperity;
  • Be concentrated within Saint John’s five focus neighbourhoods: the Old North End, Waterloo Village, Crescent Valley, the Lower West Side, and the Lower South End;
  • Leverage additional resources from other levels of government, business and philanthropic sources; and

Projects will not:

  • Support physical infrastructure (i.e. renovation to existing space or creation of new space); or
  • Support religious or political activities.