Anniversary Grant

The Anniversary Grant is an annual project-based grant of ($43,000 this year for our 43rd Anniversary).

The Anniversary Grant will be awarded to an applicant that is striving to address an identified community need and demonstrates strong partnerships, collective impact and sustainability. Shortlisted applicants will receive an invitation to submit a full application and present in person to the Community Investment Committee in early September. The Committee’s grant recommendation is presented to the Foundation’s Board of Directors for final approval in late September.

Projects that rank in 2nd and 3rd place will each receive a gift of $4,300.

Please note: Applicants must contact the Foundation office at least one week prior to the application deadline to review eligibility requirements and be invited to apply.

Once each applicant has been invited to apply, an application package will be sent to the applicant. Applications must be completed online. The successful applicants are determined based on established criteria and the granting priorities of the Foundation.

Applications open: May 4th, 2020
Applications close: June 21st, 2019
Deliberation period: Summer Annually
Applicant notification: October Annually
Grants awarded: November Annually

All eligible applications are reviewed by the Community Investment Committee.  Their grant recommendations are presented to the Foundation’s Board of Directors for final approval.


Elements for Consideration

Project-based applications are encouraged which reflect an identified need in the community, impact a significant number of people and/or priority populations, build effective community partnerships, improve the quality of life in Greater Saint John and plan for sustainability of the initiative/project beyond initial funding.

Consideration will be given to initiatives/projects that relate to the Community Foundation’s key funding priorities.

Grants are available for capital equipment and small-scale capital projects that have a defined time frame within the granting period.

We do not fund large-scale capital projects (new building construction and significant structural renovations), ongoing operational requirements for a charity, such as rent and salaries and multi-year funding (see full list below).

We do fund innovative projects and initiatives that are led by qualified donees to enhance the quality of life in Greater Saint John.

Grants will not be awarded to:

  • Support multi-year funding beyond the annual granting period;
  • Support ongoing operational expenses such as a charity’s rent and salaries;
  • Support large-scale, long-term capital construction projects (new building construction and significant structural renovations);
  • Support any ongoing fundraising activities, including annual fund drives and capital campaigns;
  • Cover deficits or retire debts;
  • Provide endowment funds;
  • Support sectarian, religious, or political purposes;
  • Provide retroactive funding for project expenses incurred prior to approval of the proposal by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors;
  • Fund league or club-based sports programs;
  • Fund projects for which the applicant has sufficient resources;
  • Organizations that are not qualified donees;
  • Fund projects that impact residents outside of Greater Saint John.

Please contact the Community Foundation office with any questions regarding eligibility.

Successful applicants will sign a grant contract that outlines the grantee's commitment to the following:

  • Spending the funds for the intended purposes;
  • Accounting for the grant and any changes;
  • Returning any unused funds to the Foundation;
  • Recognizing the Foundation for this grant.