The Professional Visual Artists Fund

Saint John has a thriving arts community. Often looked upon as a traditional, blue-collar city – the arts are growing increasingly more important and vital to its identity. This movement started many years ago, and has continued to be nurtured by creators and supporters of the local scene.

As a way to celebrate and support the scene for aspiring, up-and-coming visual artists, a group of artists and art lovers, led by Suzanne Hill, Carol Taylor, Lynn Wigginton, Pat Schell and Kate Kerr, organized various fundraisers, including a Saint John Studio Tour, a “WhoDunIt?” celebrity art event, Art and Artifacts talk and art event, and other fundraisers in the community.

Participation in these events was strong and allowed for the endowment of a permanent fund in 2005 named the Professional Visual Artists Fund. Earnings generated by the fund, entrusted to, and administered by, The Community Foundation, will allow for an annual gift to local visual artists in the Greater Saint John community.