The Daniel F. Johnson Memorial Scholarships in History Fund

For many people, understanding the history, genealogy, and demographics of a place can be helpful in interpreting the past and how it informs the present and the future. Daniel Johnson was intrigued by the history and genealogy of New Brunswick. Working in the commercial an  insurance industries early in his career, his passion for the past took over and he began working in the historical field first as a researcher and then as a project manager for various historical societies.

As his passion, curiosity and experience grew, Daniel became an instructor and taught the first-ever genealogical course in New Brunswick in 1979. Together with a number of his students, he was instrumental in establishing the New Brunswick Genealogical Society.

Throughout the years, Daniel served as president of the Saint John chapter of the Society, and then vice president of the provincial body. His support for the organization never waned. His more than 23 years of work resulted in the online archive of 102 volumes of important genealogical, biographical, demographic and historical research about New Brunswick.

Upon Daniel’s passing in 2005, the Saint John branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society established the Daniel F. Johnson Memorial Scholarships in History Fund.

Each year the fund will award scholarships to students at the University of New Brunswick Saint John who are either in their 3rd or 4th year of a history program or are candidates in the Masters program.