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Student Awards
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The Barbara and Don Ring Memorial Bursary Fund

The Belleisle Valley Health Centre Scholarship Fund

The Bill Gale Bursary Fund

The C.N. Wilson Fund

The CFUW-Saint John Scholarship Fund

The Charles F.W. Starkey Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Constable Doug Larche Memorial Bursary Fund

The Constable Royce Isenor Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Cook Family Fund

The D. Anne and John S. Mackeen Bursary Fund

The Daniel F. Johnson Memorial Scholarships in History Fund

The David ‘DK’ Kelly Memorial Bursary Fund

The Dr. Eli Davis Memorial Fund

The Dr. J.P. and Anita McInerney Family Fund

The Dr. Joseph and Renee Arditti Family Neurosciences Fund

The Dr. Malcolm M. Somerville Bursaries in Business Fund

The Dr. Malcolm Somerville Supplemental Bursary Fund

The Elmer and Jean Thompson Family Bursary Fund

The Garfield T. Meltzer – Jewish War Veterans Scholarship Fund

The Gregory J. Bangay Memorial Bursary Fund

The Jack, Lois and Cindy Kidd Bursaries Fund

The Jim Connolly Bursary Fund

The John Kelly Recreation Bursary Fund

The Joshua Porter Gunn Bursary Fund

The Juanita L. Black Bursary Fund

The Margaret Willis Awards Fund

The Milton and Patricia Bassen Bursary Fund

The Rachael Dawn Duffley Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Robert MacMurray Bursary Fund

The Saint John Country Music Week Legacy Fund

The Saint John Law Society Fund

The Senior Watch Bursary Fund

The Super Steel Band Bursary Fund

The Suzanne Doyle-Yerxa Award Fund

The Walter and Joan Flewelling Fund